Animal Twists Bracelet


Give your outfit extra sparkle with these!

Tiny, adorable and ultra glam, it’s easy to connect two baby animals together and transform them into dazzling bracelets, stylish necklaces or trendy backpack charms!

Available in all kinds of dazzling finishes, there are so many cute animals to collect and wear. Carry them, wear them, and trade with friends.

Adorable Detailing

These collectible pets have adorable animal faces and sweet tails!

From big eyes to magical horn, each pet’s super-cute detailing brings them to life.

Twist into Bracelets, Necklaces and So Much More!

It’s easy to string your Twisty Petz Babies together to create a gorgeous bracelet, necklace or backpack accessory! Simply pull on either end of your puppy, unicorn, panda or kitty to untwist. Then, push to connect the ends of two Twisty Petz Babies together.


Customize with Stylish Charms

Customize your Twisty Petz Babies bracelet with a sweet charm (included)! Each Twisty Petz Babies set comes with a pretty charm shaped like a rattle, pacifier or baby bottle. Simply clip your charm onto your Twisty Petz Babies bracelet, necklace or backpack accessory for a totally adorable new accessory.

Collect Cute Petz

Pile your wrist high with puppies, unicorns, kitties and pandas! With all kinds of adorable Twisty Petz Babies to find, there are so many dazzling animals to add to your collection! Collect, swap with friends and add some bling to your.

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